18. Tengu-Cup (20./21.06.15)

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This year will be the 18th time we hold the Tengu-Cup Turnament in Frankfurt. We are looking forward to meet with kendoka from Germany and many other countries on June 20th to find the best fighters in the different categories. As in the last years we expect a great many contestants and a very high level of skill, so this will be a good chance for all to test their mettle.
On Sunday June 21th you will have the chance to take kyu- or dan-exams (up to 5rd dan). Also we will have brief training and of course a big gi-geiko thereafter.

For more information about the timetable and the registration, please download our ENGLISH FLYER HERE and our REGISTRATION-FORM here.

Katana wishes you all a good time and the best of luck for the Tengu-Cup 2015


ID Vorname Nachname Verein
1 Peter Sieveking TH Eilbeck,Hamburg
2 Anika Kindler TH Eilbeck,Hamburg
3 Kanjiro Kawai TH Eilbeck,Hamburg
4 Tobias Schliemann TH Eilbeck,Hamburg
5 Finn Spilarewicz Katana Frankfurt
6 Maurice Dentz Katana Frankfurt
7 Nana Rogozenco Koan/Eilbek
8 Nara Rogozenco Kōan-Ken-Dōjō Hamburg
9 Andre Cromann Kōan-Ken-Dōjō Hamburg
10 Kenji Nakashima Kōan-Ken-Dōjō Hamburg
11 Tomomi Nakashima Kōan-Ken-Dōjō Hamburg
12 Nora Specht Kōan-Ken-Dōjō Hamburg
13 Kokoro Okazaki Kōan-Ken-Dōjō Hamburg
14 Jan Eggers Kōan-Ken-Dōjō Hamburg
15 Haruna Yamaguchi Kōan-Ken-Dōjō Hamburg
16 Tobias Eckhardt Kōan-Ken-Dōjō Hamburg
17 Georg Philipp Schäfer Kendo-Halle/S. e.V.
18 Liam Horvath Kendo-Halle/S. e.V.
19 Elizaveta Vaganova Kendo-Halle/S. e.V.
20 Nick Filz Kendo-Halle/S. e.V.
21 Stefan Winde Kendo-Halle/S. e.V.
22 Alexander Pfersich Kendo-Halle/S. e.V.
23 Rene Paschke Kendo-Halle/S. e.V.
24 Sebastian Rosenschon Kendo-Halle/S. e.V.
25 Mario Brandt Kendo-Halle/S. e.V.
26 Adrian Reinbeck Stuttgart
27 Fabian Hess Stuttgart
28 David Slowik Biberach
29 Christian Kaden Tübingen
30 Kanako Yasuda Tübingen
31 Alexey Kamenev TSK Basel
32 Florian Pietschmann TSK Basel