Advice on the equipment

Trial training

During the trial training the participant can wear training trousers and t-shirt. Kendo is trained bare feet. Shinai (bamboo sword) and bokuto (wooden sword) can be borrowed from Katana during the trial period.

Training up to 6th Kyu

After the initial trial training, it makes sense to buy the Shinai and Bokuto. Until the participant manages the 6th Kyu examination, training takes place with training trousers and t-shirt. The 6th Kyu examination normally takes place after 2 to 3 month of training. It is best to consult the trainer, whether or not one should participate in the examination.

Training from 6th Kyu

After passing 6th Kyu, the participant can wear the Kendo clothes – Hakama (trousers) and Keigo-Gi (top/jacket). The trainers will help with giving advice on size and maintenance of the clothes.

From the 6th Kyu onwards Shinai training will be held with a partner. Therefore it might be a good idea having a second shinai, in case the other one needs to be repaired. Repair and maintenance guidance for the shinai can be request from the trainers.

Training from 5th Kyu

After passing the 5th Kyu examination, Tare (lower body protector) and Do (stomach / chest protector) will be worn.
Depending on the progress of the group, Kote (cloves) and Men (helmet) will be worn as well.
At the beginning, Tare, Kote, Do and Men can be borrowed from Katana for during the training.

Training from 4th Kyu

From the 4th Kyu onwards, the training will take place with the whole equipment mentioned above. Therefore it make sense to buy the own equipment at this stage. The trainers can help on giving advice on the equipment in terms of size or quality differences.

If one hasn’t got the own equipment yet, it is possible to borrow it for trainings or the holiday period against a deposit of € 100,- from Katana. Please contact the trainer in advance and fill out the respective form (can be obtained from the trainer).

The beginners training is split into three levels, respectively three groups. One to two trainers will look after each of the groups.

As soon as one reached the third group of the beginner level, it is also possible to train with the advanced group on Thursday.

As soon as one gets the own equipment, Katana will subsidise the Zekken. The Zekken is the so called name tag (written in Japanese and German) and also shows the name of the Kendo club (in Japanese and German) and will be worn on the Tare.

It is also possible to buy a club jacket. This jacket is subsidized by Katana and so the final price is € 70,- per jacket. In case you would like to have your name printed on the jacket, an additional € 10,- occurs./p>

Kendo Ausrüstung

Das Anlegen und Pflegen der Ausrüstung ist ein wichtiger Bestandteil von Kendo.
Hilfe bietet das Handbuch zur Handhabung von Rüstungen (PDF, 2,2 MB)