Club activities

Those who are already members will realize very fast that we offer quite a few events. On one side, there are a number of kendo workshops and tournaments, but also a number of events besides kendo that offer more or less sportive activities.

Round table

Once a month after a mixed training (all levels), we meet at a bar/restaurant near the Japanese school. This offers us the opportunity for meeting other members and having the chance to talk about Kendo – among others – outside the dojo.

Café Bar Restaurant Melo

Bachmannstraße 2-4

60488 Frankfurt

Christmas party

Another less sportive event is our Christmas party, where everyone brings along some culinary delights and we enjoy some time together. We also use the Christmas party for a review of the year and the club’s management board thanks all members who have been engaged in bringing success to the club.


It is slowly becoming one of our annual summer events: canoeing. At a weekend we venture out to the nature and have fun on the water.

Other season based activities are bowling or paint ball and we are also looking forward, which events might still come up in the future.

One can always find pictures at our gallery, when we had a new event.