Children and youth training

For the training of the children and youth, experienced trainers are available who guide the training in small groups. In the training, we focus not only on teaching the children the techniques of Kendo, but also the correct behaviour in the dojo. Through the training, it is possible to improve coordination, perseverance and speed in the long-term. But as you can see, the fun does not come short.

In the last few years, some of our children groups always managed to grow into members of the German National Team, who successfully participate in German, European and even World Championships.

The training is suitable for children from the age of 7 and youth between the ages of 14-18. The current training times can be found under Training. If you want to start with Kendo, you can choose among two beginners training that commence twice a year. A start of the training outside of this beginner schedules is unfortunately not possible for organisational reasons.

Of course you can look at the Kendo training in advance, just contact us.

Kendo AG

Our main coach, Uwe Kumpf and his assistants, have been successfully running Kendo AGs at elementary schools for quite some time. Similar to the first hours of the beginner’s training, the children are taught here footwork and first Kendo techniques.

Should your school be interested in having a Kendo AG, please send an email to Mrs. Kazuko Kumpf

Children’s festivals

In order to get to know each other better, we also organise small parties twice a year, which the parents are welcomed to attend as well.

In the summer there is a grill party just before the summer holidays.

In winter a Christmas celebration with small gifts and big cookies.

The respective dates are announced in the training and are also available in the categories News and Dates.

Children and youth tournament

Katana organises regular trips for children and youth tournaments. These include the Youth Cup, the Düsseldorf Youth Cup, the Hessian Youth Championship and the German Youth Championship.

As soon as the children and youth are ready to participate in the tournaments, the announcement is made in training. Of course, participation is not a must.